Outdoor Fitness and Antioxidants

You will not believe this but you were not evolved to live in a city or even a house for that matter. Your body was designed by nature to function best in the outdoors and under the sun. It is only our quest for civilization that has forced us to seek shelter from the sun and the elements. Perhaps this is why we are getting less halt with each new advance in technology.

Our Early ancestors lived in a world filled with nature’s bounty and natural foods. This type of living is almost unknown today except for those living on islands and in the Rainforest of South America.

outdoor-fitnessBut, if you examine it, you’ll see that they eat a diet filled with nut, fruits, and other sources of natural nutrients and antioxidants. Which helps makes them healthier in many respects than we with our “pill-for-everything” society.

We, of course, don’t advocate you chuck you house and job and move to a deserted island. But we do recommend you take in more antioxidant in your diet before you go out of doors as this will provide you with extra energy and protect you from the effects of the sun and nature on your skin and overall health and we are about to show you how antioxidants go hand in hand with outdoor activities.

This article will show you some of the benefits of boosting your intake of antioxidants and combining them with your activities outside that you can do easily and in a simple manner that will ensure your enjoy your outdoor activities better and don’t suffer any ill effects while doing so.

This will, of course, come as quite a shock to the many that gulp down a sports drink while on the tennis court or while they are biking, running, and engaging other sporting activities.

Sports Drinks age your skin and make you old before your time while providing false energy.

The primary components to sports drinks if you take away the water are high amounts of caffeine and sager. These have a detrimental effect on your health.

While it is true that you have pep for a bit the sugar give you a rush and a spike of energy it also causes a rebound effect that takes you down after this artificial high. It is also a causal factor in the sudden rise of Type II Diabetes and Obesity.

So while you think you are getting fit while exercising outside under the sun you are actually doing yourself harm in the process.

The large amount of caffeine in these drinks also saps vital elements from your body. Your blood vessels narrow and in some cases drinking too many sports drinks have lead to heart attacks a death in perfectly Healthy children and adults.

Antioxidants information

Your skin under these conditions is already under assault by the sun’s UV and the winds drying effects, which after a while can make your skin look like leather and wrinkled. Caffeine adds to this as well.

This is accelerated when the sun combines with the large amounts of caffeine in sports drinks, which by the way is largely unregulated and the labels on the containers don’t accurately tell the true amounts of caffeine that is in your bottle of energy drink at your side.

Add to the mix that when you are exerting yourself you blood is flowing faster and the effects of the sager and caffeine spread throughout your body quicker removing the vital and essential nutrients of life from your entire body quicker. One of the greatest antioxidants if Glutathione.

This results in you aging much faster and your body breaks down internally sooner than it should.

So now we have some of the problems, what is the solution? Well, that thankfully is a problem solved thousands of years agony in the Orient and elsewhere.

The Ancients cultivated certain plants that provide energy and health at the same time that fill your blood with antioxidants that protect your skin and reinforce your vascular system and bring youth to your skin reversing the effects of the sun and pollutants that can cause your body to age prematurely.

Antioxidants to the rescue bringing energy and focus

One of the miracles of ancient cultivation is Green Tea. Long drunk for its healing qualities today it is being used by more athletes and those who partake of outdoor activities because it not only provides the energy boost to help you perform better, but also sharpens your concentration and allows for a relaxed flow that today some are calling it the “Zone”.

The ancient martial artists discovered through life and death encounters that a calm focus and a relaxed state of mind allowed for the maximum use of the bodies resources.

This allowed them to triumph on the battlefield where those who only had strength and energy were left lying on the ground.

The Samurai were the masters of this and the Tea ceremony was a basic part of their philosophy of achieving this relaxed “Flow”. You may have surmised that Green Tea was the center point of this and you’d be right.

Today with our sports drinks our nerves are hyped up and firing chaotically and while we think we have the energy to win. When we are in fact dissipating what focus and energy we have. Green Tea has the antioxidant Theanine that allows for the nerves to remain calm while the body gets the energy from the caffeine.

The other antioxidants in Green Tea have healing properties which are too varied to go into in one article but suffice to say the entire mix is an elixir of youth in a world full of too mu UV, pollutants and work stress.

If you add Vitamin C to your Green Tea, you get another super source of antioxidants that boosts and repairs your Cardio system that is working extra hard while you are exerting itself. It also helps you build collagen, which makes your skin soft and young looking while it rebuilds your arteries and blood vessels.

You now have a drink that gives you the better performance you seek and it helps with its antioxidant boost to build your body’s health at the same time and protecting you at the same time.

Something the sports drinks on the market today can’t do.
So, take leaf (Tealeaf that is) out of the Samurai’s playbook
Green tea has the energy you need, its antioxidants give you the health benefits and focus that allow you to win in whatever sport you enjoy doing outdoors.

These ascent masters knew the secret of performance was not so much in having the energy but having it and directing it properly instead. This is what made them the legendary warriors and poets that are still revered in Japan.

Just by adding some C along with your Green Tea you have a cocktail that will benefit you far more greatly than any off the shelf sports drink and by far cheaper as well.